SCRATCH-OFF is a special technology that allows you to apply a protective layer on the product to hide important information from unauthorized access.

Erasable (scratch) ink is widely used for printing of instant lottery tickets, commercial games and direct mail for entertainment and advertising purposes. It can be printed in several layers for maximum coating.

The ink layer can be removed completely or partially with a solid object (for example, a coin or nail).

The ink layer is durable and flexible. These properties depend on such printing conditions as the thickness of the ink layer, print speed and actual power of UV lamps.

Usually such products are made in two stages. First, a traditional single-color or multicolor main image is applied to traditional printing machines and then a monochromatic erasable layer is added with using of the flexographic method.

Usually black, silver or bronze UV inks are used for printing scratch-off layer.

Bronze paint coating  is poorer than Silver.

Black scratch-off inks  are usually used in combination with Silver and Bronze to improve the covering ability.

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