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Micro-embossing is an innovative method of prepress and post-press processing of raw materials, which allows to transform a smooth surface of cardboard (including metallized) or paper into the desired relief texture.

Micro-embossing is not only a good alternative to designer cardboard, but also has a number of advantages that allowing you to create individual texture design by printing with UV inks and using all kinds of post-printing, such as 3D hot stamping, selective lacquering and others.

Micro-embossing is applicable to a large range of sheet materials. The technology is used for metallized cardboard of different density, paper, regular cardboard, plastic.

The advantages of micro-embossing include:

  • the prestige of products made with using this technology;
  • receiving hologram images and other visual effects;
  • catchy texture with tactile properties;
  • impossibility of a faking;
  • premium product positioning.
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