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Flock printing or flocking is a technological operation consisting in applying chemically treated textiles (“flock”) to any surface. It is carried out with the aim of creating on the surface of a textile  velvet coating. Fibers are glued perpendicular to the decorated surface due to the action of an electrostatic field that is created by special device flocator.

Depending on the length of the flock and the nature of the fibers the surface of any product can be made: suede-like,   felt-like, velvet-like.

Flocking is applied  for decoration of the car interior: coatings of inter-glass racks, rubber glass seals, scratched, broken elements, damaged ceilings, door and other interior elements; for textiles and wallpapers decorating; for decoration of printed products; to decorate souvenirs and packaging, etc.

Flocking could be whole or selective. During whole-flocking glue covers the entire surface of the decorated object . In the case of selective (or partial) flocking, only part (or parts) of the object surface is covered with glue; for this one the stencil methods are used.

Flocked surfaces can be finished with printing and embossing. The flocked surface has a certain resistance to washing and mechanical stress.

Flocking is a very vivid technology and constantly come up with new areas of application.

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