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The drip off effect is an original solution for the printing products design  of various types. It is based on low adhesion of glossy UV varnish. Initially, this effect (“orange peel”) was considered as a defect with which lacquer manufacturers struggled, but later it appealed by consumers.

This effect allows you to attract additional attention and visually and tactilely highlight your printed product.

To achieve the  drip-off effect is using the  combination of two types of varnish  – glossy and matt UV.

The press is made on the UV-machine by selective varnishing method. The process is carried out “in line”, i.e. immediately after printing a multi-color image. Firstly  a matte selective UV varnish is applied and then a layer of glossy UV varnish.

Due to the low adhesion of the glossy UV lacquer  it is repelled from the areas where the matt UV varnish was applied. Thus is achieved the formation of droplets, which create the original effect of the “orange peel”.

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