Forest Film PP – 100% wood-based film label material

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UPM Raflatac Forest Film PP is the first label material of its kind in the world. Forest Film PP is a versatile, durable, transparent and sustainable kind of label material. Its creation is dictated by the need of circular economy to use recycled materials more often. After wood is processed for pulp, the remained resin is used as a base for making the so-called UPM BioVerno. UPM BioVerno is the raw bio-fuel for Forest Film PP. Doing this, UPM Raflatac Forest Film PP manufacturers make sure that only renewable bio-safe materials are used. 

They apply mass-balance approach in order to expel fossils from labelling industry and make a move towards fully renewable materials. The mass-balance approach focuses more on processing natural raw materials. It offers new chains of chemical reactions. With the help of such method, they know how to make a good label from raw processed materials.   

    It is expected that Forest Film PP, based 100% on wood, is going to replace other conventional label materials that are made from non-renewable materials (such as fossils). The companies which are focusing on using renewable materials, will probably take a deep interest in the new labelling industry product. It’s because the manufacturers at UPM Raflatac know how to create high value from sustainable bioinnovations. The key is they treat processing waste as an important material which can’t be wasted right away. Contrary to that, the Finns treat waste as a valuable natural resource for labelling industry products. 

    How is actually Forest Film PP made? First, UPM Biofuel picks all the waste up left after pulping the wood. Then, the waste is turned into what we call UPM BioVerno – the raw wood-based material. This UPM BioVerno is later used to produce innovative Forest Film PP.

To make it clearer of what biofuel is used for, we should mention that UPM Raflatac are striving to combine the bio and forest industries to enable the achievement of the ‘zero emissions by 2100’ target set by the UN Climate Change Panel (IPCC). With the new Forest Film PP 100% wood-based material, they are making another step towards achieving the goal. 

Customers shouldn’t worry about Forest Film PP certification. It is classified by ISCC experts as sustainable bio-based renewable label material.This way, Forest Film PP is the world’s first 100% wood-based film label material. UPM Raflatac is labelling a brilliant future – leaving fossils behind, moving towards sustainable solutions. Being one the world’s leader-producers of self-adhesive label materials, the Finns are doing their best to create a greener future with their own hands. When it comes to labelling industry, there new green technologies are more important than in any other field. UPM Raflatac are working only with environmentally friendly and renewable materials. Forest Film PP is a wonderful example of what the world can be, provided manufactures of labelling products are using renewable materials more often. UPM Raflatac Forest Film PP designers know for sure that renewable resources will change the world in the future.

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