Rotech Machines introduces new UV anti-counterfeit printing with invisible ink

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Rotech machines, UK coding and marking leader-company, introduced innovative UVanti-counterfeit thermal inkjet technology. The innovation is that it uses special inks, invisible to the eye. So, customers now can apply codes and marks on the packaging and they can see the applied codes and marks only under ultraviolet light. The biggest advantage of invisible inks is when using them, it becomes much more difficult for swindlers to replicate. Thus, with the use of Rotech machines UV technology, you are 100% protected against counterfeiting. The UV thermal inkjet technology guarantees enhancing security of printing.   

Richard Pether, director of Rotech Machines, says that counterfeiting causes huge losses to print businesses around the world every year. He is sure about the fact that the world has always needed a simple and low-cost anti-counterfeit printing technology. Rotech machine manufacturers were the first to think up of a solution.

During the manufacturing process, the key problem to be solved out was to create a nice system of fully authentic printing format and codes. Another serious problem was to make it almost impossible for print industry cheaters to replicate.  

    Now, having Rotech machines anti-counterfeit technology, you can apply both standard codes (such as brand labels, date-, QR-codes and many more) and unique UV-codes. The technology allows the customer to apply the corresponding types of codes or marks on a certain area of packaging material. Doing this, together with using a range of different formats, ensures high protection level. In this case, it is not likely that anyone can replicate the same printing structure and format that the customer used (particularly when it comes to UV invisible inks).

    The field of use of such printing technology is very wide. The customers of pharmaceutical, food and beverage packaging, etc. industries and even software programs will be excited about the new product. Additionally, Rotech Machines new printing technology will be particularly useful for high quality or high-value products (such as mechanical parts for automobiles). As a good example of using this innovative technology, Rotech Machines can be quite efficient when applying expiry date and other important data that can’t be counterfeited on medicine packages. Another important feature about the technology is that it’s clean and service and maintenance-free

Pluses of using thermal inkjet printing technology itself include:

  1. cartridge-based system;
  2. wonderful print resolution up to 600 dpi;
  3. it doesn’t detract the eye from the packaging design/label.

According to the words of  Richard Pether, director of Rotech Machines, their thermal inkjet printing can replace both thermal transfer and continuous inkjet printing in the long run. Rotech machines offers high-quality flexible printing. It’s because with the Rotech Machines versatile technology, applying both standard visible codes and UV invisible codes is acceptable.

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