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ABG International, the British labelling industry leader-company, released new module and ultra-modern finishing equipment – ABG JetFX.

The Digicon Series 3 printer line was extended with new ABG JetFX – modern finishing hardware solution.

ABG JetFX printer can be used to work with any kind of labels or tags. No matter what adhesive material is used – foil, varnish or anything else – ABG JetFX will be able to handle all of them. This printer is an extension of the Digicon Series 3 printer line, and consequently it leads to high level of versatility of the new printing equipment. Additionally, it is also allowed to use ABG JetFX and other printers in the line together for higher efficiency rates. As an example, ABG JetFX and DIGILASE 4.0 (which specification is laser printing) can be used together, and such a combination will be a perfect digital solution, especially for self-adhesive labels.

The customer can get different print effects, which depends on the set of tools and materials that are used, and plus, the texture can be different, too. These are the most popular:

  1.  Foil + Spot (any varnish) + Micro texture
  2.  Foil + Tactile (tactile varnish)+ Spot
  3.  Foil + Foil
  4.  Foil + Cast and Cure (holographic varnish)
  5.  Foil + Tactile + Spot + Cast and Cure
  6.  Foil + foil + Tactile + Spot + Cast and Cure
  7.  Soft Touch Lam (lamination using a film which is very soft and thin) + Foil + Tactile + Spot
  8.  Soft Touch Lam + Foil + Tactile + Spot + Cast and Cure;

Apart from these, you can also use other supply modules, which will ensure extremely high printing quality level. The advantages of such print are obvious:

  1. Any type of image can be printed on a material
  2. High-level detalisation
  3. ABG JetFX can work in an automatic mode through MIS
  4. Bonus: no additional tools are required;

ABG JetFX module uses two printing units which help applying the varnish (inkjet method). Also, there could be one, two or three foil/lamination/holographic stations (it depends on printer configuration). In this photo you can see ABG JetFX with one station.

It is important to stress that ABG JetFX is not just a conventional printer machine, it’s also a module, designed for using with the world’s most popular label decoration equipment – Digicon Series 3. It is crucially important for ABG JetFX to interact with Digicon Series 3, as the new module doesn’t have its own winding and unwinding units. With the new ABG JetFX hardware solution, the whole workflow is carried out non-stop in combination with die-cutting, flashing removal etc. This significantly increases printing productivity and reduces percentage of readjustment waste. ABG JetFX behaves like an autonomous smart equipment.

Some more important technical data about the ABG JetFX printer module from ABG International is here:

  1. physical resolution: up to 2600 DPI
  2. maximum material width: 326 mm 
  3. material thickness: 50-350 micron
  4. printing width: 320 mm
  5. the print speed is varied:

60 m/min – free lamination mode

30 m/min – foil mode (foil should not be thicker than 25 micron)

30 m/min – tactile foil mode (thickness of the material is ±30 micron)

  1. the thickness of the material : 7-75 micron (up to 150 micron when two inkjet modules are used simultaneously)
  2. embossing quality: ±0,2 micron (with an optional camera ±0,1 micron);

ABG JetFX, new hardware solution from ABG International, uses high-resolution inkjet printing and from one to three foil, lamination or holographic stations in order to get the best printer workflow outcome, up to unique decoration for every single label. Undoubtedly, this printer module will gain popularity among companies which pay much attention to decorative finishing labels. It is also clear that ABG JetFX is sure to get to the top in the nearest future.

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