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Epson has released the first industrial direct-to-garment (DTG) high-productivity F3070 inkjet  printer. The new device was shown to public at Impressions Expo in Long-Beach, California. The sales will start in the summer 2020.   

The new F3070 Epson printer is in fact an upgraded version of the F2100 printer introduced two years earlier. The new model is faster, has more automatic-processing systems and has less energy consumption. 

The new Epson printer is used for digital printing, including printing on non-standard garment made of different materials, such as cotton, linen and viscose.    

Epson F3070 upgraded version has double 2,6 inch 10-canal PrecisionCore printing heads with 16,000 nozzles each. Using such nozzles ensures high printing quality. Also, a big number of nozzles leads to a much higher printing speed. 

The inks used in the F3070 Epson printer are called Epson UltraChrome DG. A big plus of the new device from Japanese manufacturers is that it uses a special built-in continuous ink supply system. This results in a much higher print workflow efficiency level and a reduced ink consumption cost compared to analogous cartridge Epson printers. The capacity of paint containers is three litres (for white ink) and a litre and a half (for other colours). An interesting thing is that the price for Epson white and colour inks is the same. 

The colour system used in Epson F3070 new version printer is CMYK (4 х 1500 ml + W 2 х 1500 ml). 

The Japanese manufacturers were happy to introduce a brand new first in the world quality and material thickness assurance system used in their newest Epson printer. The device can automatically verify the printing heads’ height. This system is based on the printer checking the thickness and texture of the material used. Here, no manual operations from customer are required. Besides, SureColor F3070 now able quickly to switch from printing thin T-shirts to printing  hoodies automatically optimising all the parameters of the printing heads. The downtime is significantly reduced.    

One of the most innovative features of the new machine from Epson company is that the printer’s total cost of ownership (TCO) is quite low.

SureColor F3070 is also equipped with quite an efficient automated fast material upload system, which helps you to save your time for other important management jobs. The software program used for the printer is designed according to the rising demands of garment-printing market and is called Epson Garment Creator.   

The Epson Head Product Manager says that their new Epson F3070 printer is manufactured for medium and large size garment printing houses which require cost-effective and high-productive machines. He is sure that the new printer from the Japanese company ideally suits all the demands of such printing houses. Finally, Epson Product Manager adds, the new device can print a T-shirt in just a minute, allowing the system to raise its productivity to 100 and more garments units per day.  Approximate retail value for the new Epson F3070 printer will be 50,000$. Only in summer 2020 it is possible to buy the garment-printing business newcomer from Epson manufacturers – Epson F3070 printer.

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