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The 27th South China International Printing Industry Exhibition will take place in Guangzhou, China, on March 4-6. The venue is China Import & Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou. The exhibition will be organised by China Foreign Trade Guangzhou Exhibition General Corporation together with Adsale Exhibition Service (Shenzhen) Ltd.

Recently, the People’s Republic of China has put a lot of effort in developing printing industry. For the past ten years, we have seen multiple changes in how the industry works. Today, printing sector is one of the most important among other Chinese industries. With the economical  growth of the country, old printing equipment was step by step replaced by modern digital tools with software programs. The 27th Printing South China exhibition plays an important role in the Chinese print industry growth.

The exhibition received a lot of recognition from the biggest industry players in the region and has already become the greatest international trade fair of the kind in the South China region. The organisers of the show and the manufacturers of the print production will go on with creating an ideal platform for building and renovating the print business industry in China.     

The South China exhibition gathers lots of engineers, designers, IT-professionals from all over the world.  Last year, 68,019 visitors (including 9,722 overseas guests) were happy to enjoy the show. This year, the organisers expect that as many as 80,000 people will come to visit the Guangzhou city in Southern China to attend the exhibition. This year we hope target visitors for the Printing South China will be:

  • Printing services companies
  • Paper box/Hard box/Carton companies
  • Government agencies and other financial institutions
  • Import/export corporations
  • Advertising and PR agencies etc.

Last year, 973 new print business products from 12 different countries were shown during the exhibition. The exhibition area was around 68,000 k2. This year the number of new technologies to be introduced at the Printing South China exhibition will increase. Among them – newest equipment, modern technologies, material and tools for printing, plus a few new solutions in the field of graphic design and printing products decoration. The list of printing industry goods exposed at the South China, is endless. Here are some more products:

  • Pre-press quality assurance systems
  • Software programs
  • Digital printing equipment
  • Electronics
  • Photo devices
  • Scanners and copy machines
  • Laser systems for printing
  • Silk screen printing machines
  • Test and control equipment
  • Packaging printing machines
  • Multimedia electronic publishing systems
  • Inkjet printers and many more…

The organisers also say the exhibition area (around 68,000 k2) will be divided into eight theme zones, including:

  1. Packaging Converting
  2. Post-press and Paper Converting
  3. Printing Equipment (Offset/Gravure/Flexo/Screen)
  4. Corrugated Packaging
  5. Flexible Packaging Printing
  6. Pre-press and Digital Printing
  7. Packaging Materials
  8. Parts, Support and Service.

With the rich variety of exhibition ranges and theme zones on offer, you must take the advantage of experiencing the following six points:

  1. Smart and automatic packaging printing – The ‘Post-press and Packaging Processing’ hall will help visitors enhance their knowledge related to automatic technologies. This kind of knowledge will help you increase the effectiveness of your business and achieve an enormous technological transformation.  
  2. One-Stop green flexo solutions – The ‘Green Flexo printing’ zone specializes in providing the clients with green flexographic equipment, among which narrow and medium size web for flexo print operations.  
  3. Packaging materials zone – here you will see how environmentally safe packaging materials are influencing the modern print business industry sector in China. The goal of this sector is to make entrepreneurs reduce consumption costs, which will automatically lead to a much greener print market in China.  
  4. Flexible packaging technologies and equipment – Flexible packaging is used widely in the world, as it requires less energy and materials and, as a result, decreases the cost of packaging product. 
  5. Corrugated zone – here at the corrugated zone you can see leader-manufacturers exposing their advanced corrugated production technology and equipment. Visiting the corrugated zone you will learn much more about the corrugated packaging industry. For example, you will watch a fully automatic cleaning and leveling machine from Zhejiang and two high-speed die-cutting corrugated industry packaging solutions from the city of Shanghai.   
  6. More than 300 exhibitors showcasing their latest label applications – In case you get to see the ‘Digital Label Machinery’, ‘Green Label Materials’ special zones, you’ll soon find out all the advantages and benefits of the digital packaging industry in China.

The Printing South China 2020 exhibition has been held since 1994. The previous 26 times when it was organised, showed us that the print industry in Asia, particularly in South China, is advancing forward gradually step by step. This year we will be convinced again that the China’s industry sectors, such as digital or flexo printing, are now breaking the new ground.

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