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The international stamp producing company Colop (Austria) presented their new world’s first Colop e-mark – unique device for electronic marking at Labelexpo exhibition 2019.

Actually, Colop e-mark is the first electronic, mobile and battery-powered device which is administrated by the user through a mobile App. It allows you to easily apply a colour image on the paper by sideways movements. 

The App developed by Austrian designers for using with your ipad, smartphone or PC, lets you apply a wide range of images on paper or cardboard or any other material you wish. If you need to put texts, logos, colour photos, QR-codes or barcodes onto the paper, the Colop unique device can help you with that! It’s a pleasure to work with Colop e-mark machine as its design is modern and ergonomic. 

The motto of the Austrian manufacturers is ‘Plug and play’. You don’t have to use sophisticated equipment or spend much time connecting the device with your smartphone and installing the App. You can mark whenever, wherever and however you want. High flexibility is a key feature of the new Colop device. All you have to do is to follow two simple steps:

  1. First, you should upload your data whatever it is, onto your smartphone or ipad and give Colop app access to the information (the data can be transfered through wireless LAN or USB – intelligent e-mark application can store up to 4 files)
  2. Second, you take a special Colop hand manipulator (see the picture above) and, pressing it to the paper with your hand, move carefully applying an image, a table, company’s logo or anything else you wish. It works just like ultra-modern printer.    

The Colop e-mark newly introduced device for electronic marking has some technical features that make it stand out. In particular, the maximum physical resolution of the Colop is 600 dpi. The printing width can be up to 14,5 x 150 mm. The dimensions of the device itself are 111.2 x 76.5 x 72.7 mm. The print technology used when creating design of your own is inkjet. Ink cartridge type is called Tri-colour, including Cyan, Magenta and Yellow.  Automatic date, time and numbering functions are available. 

Also, there are a few more interesting facts you should know about the new Colop electronic device for marking:

  • Colop generates its own Wi-Fi network, so you don’t need to use your smartphone to connect the device to Internet
  • Advanced sensor technology is developed at Colop company to ensure a reliable positioning on your documents and, as a result, high accuracy end images
  • Transparent window in the Colop manipulator is provided – it gives you the chance to observe what you print all the time sideways movements are processed.
  • A light strip around the Colop device indicates the On/Off mode and connectivity to your phone
  • The in-built Li-ion battery (11.1 V) allows to use the device for as long as 5 hours without power supply. The battery can be fully charged within 3 hours. 

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages you have if using new Colop e-mark device is that the product itself doesn’t weigh kilograms, it’s very light and portable. It weighs only 450 g with packaging and 224,5 g without packaging. The weight of the master case (12  pieces) is equal to 6,5 g. 

Also, Colop is a mobile device, and you can use it anywhere you like. Really, one more plus is that you can ‘print’ on any surface that is ink-absorbing: paper, cardboard, even wood and more. That is the reason why Colop e-mark suits office work as well as end users perfectly well.   The Colop product for electronic marking can be offered to be either black colour or white.

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