Cinova-F – new flexographic machine from Aerospace Corporation

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At the end of October, 2019 Aerospace Corporation (Xi’an, China) held a presentation exposing a new servo-driven wide-roll Cinova-F flexographic machine with central printing cylinder.

The presentation was successful, and a few moments after it ended three companies expressed the wish of buying the device. 

The engineers at Aerospace Corporation say that the new highly-automated flexographic Cinova-F can replace old E-Film machine version. The new model has a few obvious advantages over the old version, being a faster type of device and a fully redesigned management system with friendly interface.  

As the Aerospace Corporation manufacturers say, automated control system, new One-Touch control interface, automatic paint viscosity control system and remote diagnostics make the Cinova-F much more competitive on the world printing equipment market.  

The print width of the Cinovo-F machine is 800 – 1600 mm, repeat – 370 – 940 mm. The number of colours provided ranges from 6 to 12. The maximum print speed reaches 450 m/min.Aerospace Corporation (Xi’an, China) has the contemporary production and testing printing equipment and is recognised to be a domestic market leader in the field of high-tech equipment for flexographic printing. Their innovative Cinova-F printing solution has a lot of potential and is ready to breakthrough the world print business equipment market.

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