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If you are looking for a good colour quality software solution for more efficient printer jobs, the answer is right here! It’s ChromaLT – new printing software solution from Techkon. To better understand the pros and cons of the program, we would compare it with ChromaQA

ChromaLT and ChromaQA are both nice programs which can help increase profits and get prompt feedback while the printing process is going. However, each machine has some peculiarities.

ChromaLT is one of the simplest software solutions available on the market. It can be easily installed in the pressroom right away. It does require some training to learn how to operate the program, but the training doesn’t usually take much time and effort. You can become quite confident about using ChromaLT program very soon.

At the same time, ChromaLT will be potentially very popular among users of those old-version colour quality printers. The thing is that many of those printer lines are no longer supported with newer software by the manufacturers. This way, ChromaLT is a versatile type of software, and thus it can raise much deeper interest among users.  Besides, existing colour database will be enough to be ready to apply the new ChromaLT. The transition from old versions to new ones is not a problem at all. If we want to compare the effectiveness of this software upgrade version with other similar programs, we will see that ChromaLT would give other brand name solutions the upper hand. 

But in case you need to immediately use a high-quality fine colour instrument for printing, it is highly recommended to use ChromaQA – another software solution from the German company.

These features are the same for both ChromaLT and ChromaQA. Here they are: 

  • both of them are color quality softwares which help printer operator to get more feedback and to be more accurate with colours;
  • both are able to identify any errors and overlapping colours while printing and inform the operator as soon as possible;
  • both programs belong to so-called ‘job-based software’. Under ‘job’ goes the meaning that the program contains a set of standard requirements, including colour schemes, tolerances, measurement conditions, quality assurance system and, finally, samples of previous printing work; 
  • a job report printed is available for both ChromaLT and ChromaQA after the printing is finished;

Nonetheless, there are also many differences between the two programs. Among them are the following: 

  • ChromaQA stores all the data on SQL database (owned by Amazon). Therefore, when using ChromaQA you can’t do anything without Internet connection. The good news is that, technically, you can create your printing ideas anywhere on any existing network as long as you’re connected to the Internet. ChromaLT puts it different way: all the information is transferred to a certain file system on customer’s PC.
  • ChromaLT best suits small pressrooms with low speed printing workflow. Contrary to that, ChromaQA is best for large and complex printing houses. A big plus of this particular program is that it can store all the required data in SQL database along with restricting access to certain data if this is required. Therefore, individual user accounts are under the protection of the system.
  • ChromaQA has a unique ScoreCard feature which can get access to other mimic scoring systems used by other operators.
  • ChromaQA is quite a complex software as the job template should be created in the Prepress Department before the workflow starts. To set up a completely new template, several successive steps have to be made. Different to that, ChromaLT is not that strict with the customer – you can create a new job template right in the pressroom. To do that, all you need to know is the name of the job and the name of the colours you are going to use.
  • ChromaQA software program has a unique feature –  it can access PantoneLIVE. But, to be able to connect to that database, you ought to buy a special PantoneLIVE license. ChromaLT has no such feature.
  • ChromaQA is a more efficient software because you can access ChromaQA Cloud Server, create any jobs you want on that network and then automatically insert them into the required database. Everything looks simple!

Below you can see some comparative characteristics on ChromaLT and ChromaQA:  

Solid colors -> ∆Eyesyes
Techkon InkCheck (density adjustments for lowest ∆E)yesyes
Supports SpectroVision inline spectrophotometeryesno
Job Reportsyesyes
Trend Analysisyesyes
MIS integration / Auto Job Creationyesno
Ink Drawdown/QC of Color Standardsyesyes
Enterprise Color Quality Solutionyesno
Supports popular 3rd party spectrophotometersyesyes
Manage Color Standardsyesyes

However, ChromaLT is not worse than ChromaQA. In reality, ChromaLT new software solution from Techkon can be used in many occasions, and it can suit a range of jobs where ChromaQA will give in. Here are some more useful information which will help you get a better view of ChromaLT program:

  • It is designed specifically for spot colours and packaging applications. The manufacturers offer a set of tools using which will ensure achieving high-quality colour printing goals.
  • After you have set all the measurements and have finished with some other settings, they are automatically locked by the program. Doing this, the program won’t let you print anything if measurements are changed – instead, it will immediately inform the operator. The German manufactures were clever enough to create a special feature – ColorEnsure – which is responsible for the colours used.
  • ChromaLT doesn’t require using colour bars.
  • Finally, ChromaLT possesses another nice feature – it has a new built-in intelligence system which verifies accurate colour matches. It will lead to making the job much easier for the operator! In case density of the inks is changed, the system will provide a thorough colour difference graph in order to fix an error as soon as possible. 

With the use of the new ChromaLT software program, you can get access to unlimited opportunities, among which: 1) centralised storage of your colour standards, 2) simplified spot colour matching in the pressroom, 3) detailed  report on your workflow and production data. To be more specific, let us tell you what you can possibly do with ChromaLT:

  1. Centralized storage of your colour standards
  • Adding new colours through measurement, importing them or manually – anyhow you want
  • Online searching for colours by name or deltaE threshold
  • Using QC high capabilities for the verification of new in-house ink recipes
  1. Simplified spot colour matching in the pressroom
  • Reducing trial and error with clear feedback for operators has never been so easy!
  • When workflow is on, once in a while you can check colours and monitor charts
  • Choosing up to 12 colours per job and measure colours in any order
  • Checking if inks have to be remixed 
  1. Detailed  report on your workflow and production data
  • The system automatically filtering out “make-ready” measurements from reports
  • Fast reporting on a single sample or the average of multiple samples
  • A special chart showing the quality rates
  • Maintaining the history for how an item or colours print with the flow of the time

Finally, here we’ll mention some important system requirements that you should follow to be able to benefit from using ChromaLT software innovative solution in everyday’s life:

  1. Microsoft Windows® 7, Microsoft Windows® 8.1, or Microsoft Windows® 10
  2. x64 Processor: 1.4 GHz
  3. 4GB RAM
  4. 1GB of available disk space
  5. Monitor resolution of 1200 x 800 pixels or higher
  6. Powered USB port
  7. Internet connection.
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