Press TrojanLabel T2-L and printing system Trojan Label T3-OPX were premiered by AstroNova at Labelexpo 2019

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AstroNova used the Labelexpo 2019 exhibition to present two new printing products – T2-L and T3-OPX.


TrojanLabel T2-L is the first narrow-format digital press printer. It is designed for digital flexible packaging. T2-L is indeed an innovative device as it is suitable for short- and long-run printing and will even help you with variable data. A big plus is that the inline heat-sealable cold lamination capability feature is added to the newest version of the TrojanLabel machine. T2-L uses Natura inks for printing, and therefore can be used when applying labels on food products. The printer will be of a big help on the road of creating lightweight, durable and recyclable packaging that is produced with minimal material waste, lowered transportation costs and a higher ecology safety level.

The speed of the new TrojanLabel T2-L is a bit higher than the major rivals – it can reach 12 inches per second (or 60 feet per minute). The available print resolution is upgraded up to 1600 dpi, full colour. The print width ranges from 2 feet to 8”8 feet. TrojanControl Software RIP is the software program which is used for running T2-L.

Greg Wood, president and CEO at AstroNova, is sure that the new TrojanLabel T2-L press printer ‘will cause positive changes in the flexible packaging industry, such as increased urbanisation, consumer focus on sustainability and the growth of e-commerce’.

Having been quite a long time in a partnership with another print substrates company – Sihl has definitely helped to create a new innovative product. If we think of a both food and environmentally safe packaging press machine – that is, with no doubt, – TrojanLabel T2-L.


TrojanLabel T3-OPX is another kind of printer. It is one of the next-generation printers with, compared to models presented earlier, an extended print area – up to 303.53 mm. What made it a real breakthrough into the print-business industry is that the new T3-OPX has a high resistance to  water and sunlight level. The printheads’ ‘lifespan’ is prolonged as well. It can print directly on ink-receptive materials, including cardboard and paper. Using T3-OPX you can apply a label on a paper bag, on wooden planks and many other objects as well.

The AstroNova’s TrojanLabel T3-OPX system will provide you with high-quality, full-colour and durable printing.  

In case you installed T3-OPX press printer, the biggest advantage you get is that it is very easy to switch between different materials. In the between of the printing runs, you no longer need to make equipment adjustments. A new pressure-sensitive plate is installed to automatically make all the adjustment work for you. It can even memorise the print height for using it in the future.

Pigmented inks used in the new TrojanLabel T3-OPX are remarkable for high scratch resistance level. They have successfully passed a difficult 5 weeks’ test on sloshing cold water. The inks can also easily adhere to porous media.

The manufacturers at AsrtoNova say their T3-OPX is suitable for 24/7 printing workflow. The maximum speed available equals to 90 feet per minute. Aerosol fans and an additional brush cleaner are two important features of the press printer. 

With the use of the AstroNova’s TrojanLabel T3-OPX, switching to a new material became much easier because of the perfect automised height calibration. You only need to press a button when T3-OPX launches printing height calibration process. It only requires the sensitive plate which the new device from AstroNova is equipped with.The new TrojanLabel T3-OPX is versatile and easy-to-use, which means it is a nice solution for all customers who want to get a high-quality fast digital packaging press printer.

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