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Europe’s largest screen and digital wide format print exhibition – FESPA Global Print Expo 2020 – will be held at the IFEMA exhibition center in the capital of Spain, Madrid. The time for the exhibition is March, 24 – 27, 2020.

Fespa 2020

Federation of European Screen Printers Associations – FESPA – is a leader in holding print business exhibitions. The most important goal pursued by the organisers of the event is to support people who are not indifferent to wide format screen, digital, flexographic or signage printing industry. FESPA provide the show’s visitors with the most relevant data including latest news on the current market conditions.

Also, the people who are making their business in the industry, want to learn about new technologies and other trends, which will help them sustain and develop their companies. FESPA is for these people, too.

Besides what’s been said, perhaps the most beneficial part of the show is an opportunity to make some new business connections. The FESPA show gather people from every corner of the world, people engaged in not only screen, digital and textile printing, but also those interested in signage, flexographic or decor applications. That is why finding partners and making a truly advantageous and fruitful partnership can’t be easier than that at FESPA.

Educational classes are also included in the programme of the event. The FESPA Global Print Expo exhibition 2020 in Madrid is waiting for you!

This year, the FESPA’s event theme was chosen to be ‘Where Colour Comes Alive’, and that is not a coincidence. The ‘three colours’ of the show are blue, orange and pink, which symbolise screen, digital and textile printing respectively. Like these three colours’ splash, or explosion, the motto of the exhibition itself will be ‘Explosion of possibilities’, making us think about boundless opportunities to grow and push one’s business forward that FESPA event offers this year.

FESPA Global Print Expo 2020 will take place in the capital of Spain, the city of Madrid, and will co-locate with two other trade exhibitions, European Sign Expo and Sportswear Pro. It is expected that, compared to the FESPA event last year, the number of exhibitors taking part in the show (600) together with the number of print professionals (18,000) visiting Madrid this March for FESPA, will be increased. These figures can tell us that the screen, digital and textile printing as well as the FESPA show are growing fast. 

There are so many things to watch, people to speak to and new technologies to learn about that find oneself in a trap is not difficult. Here we will give you some tips on which data is really worth your attention at FESPA this year.

  1. Educational content is something that can’t be missed. It will help you inspire new ideas and find new ways for your own business path;
  2. Innovation highlights and launching of new equipment are worth watching as well! Before you contact a potential seller, you can watch how the program/equipment/machine works in the real life;
  3. Advice that can be given by the industry leaders and the most powerful and knowledgeable people in the print business field, cannot be ignored. The tips on how to put your business forward as far as possible will be also given.
  4. FESPA will provide its visitors with some oratorical shows. The topics to be discussed are quite interesting. The organisers are sure that speakers – industry innovators from around the globe – will catch the visitors’ attention;
  5. Finally, learning about the latest trends and technical forecasts for the nearest future is the key from what you have to do during visiting the FESPA screen, digital and textile exhibition in Madrid.

Here are some of the products that will be showcased at FESPA this year:

  • finishing equipment
  • chemicals and cleaning products
  • signage industry production
  • pre-press and design software
  • garment products
  • T-shirt printing machinery
  • inks etc.

The special guests attending the show will come from many different printing business fields, including people, such as:

  • Interior and exterior decorators
  • T-shirt printers
  • Embroiders
  • Graphic designers
  • Retailers 
  • Marketers etc.

FESPA Global Print Expo 2020 offers one of the most creative platforms for developing your print business decisions. Attracting more than 18,000 print professionals from 130 countries, this event is considered as the showcase for innovations in screen, digital and textile print sectors. Over the years, the FESPA organisers prove that they are Europe’s leader in holding such events. The innovations and techniques showcased, the quality of products and educational data provided at FESPA is very high. FESPAGlobal Print Expo 2020 will get exhibitions of the kind to a new, higher level.

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