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Actually, the Neutrogena MaskiD is a micro 3D printed face mask that can be customised and upgraded in shape and ingredients if required. It is a real technological innovation.

With the use of the new Neutrogena 3D solution, you can easily create a face mask in just a few steps. First, it is necessary to take a photo of your own face using your smartphone. Then, the IOS MaskiD application will help you digitally generate all the subtleties of your face. Doing this, you might choose various types of treatments to be 3D printed on the different areas of the mask. There are six facial zones: forehead, cheeks, eyes, chin, nose and nasolabial folds.

In case you are not sure, for example, what the height of your forehead is, the intelligent IOS MaskiD app will give you best personalised recommendation on each of six areas. Even if you haven’t installed the app, you can fill in an online skin questionnaire to generate your face characteristics. But, anyway, according to what Michael Southall, research director at Neutrogena says, the app will be more of a faster and a more detailed assessment of your face.

After doing the preparation job, the app will show you what approximately your mask will look like on the face according to what ingredients for each zone you chose.

Michael Southall also adds that, in his opinion, every face is different, from its shape to ‘where the individual needs of a consumer are’. The most difficult issue to solve was what ingredients Neutrogena mask should include. A team of biologists, chemists and dermatologists came to a solution that only five key ingredients are necessary. But, Southall gives a hint that these five ingredients can be expanded in the near future. For the time being, the components for the mask are:

  1. Hyaluronic acid – is used to make the skin provided with hydrogen;
  2. Vitamin C – is used to reduce dark spots on the face;
  3. Niacinamide – is a special anti-inflammatory component;
  4. Feverfew – was included in the list with the aim of reducing the skin redness level;
  5. N-acetylglucosamine – everybody wants that their face looks smooth, no wrinkles; this one was chosen to make no wrinkles face a reality.

In order to ensure the treatments set is appropriate and accurate, customers can use Skin Scanner application designed by Neutrogena, to conduct a further analysis, taking details in consideration, such as wrinkles, pores etc. Skin Scanner is a real breakthrough in the industry as it goes with iPhone 6 and higher and, what’s more important, is noticeable for its built-in lens, a few accurate sensors and high-powered lights.  

Once you have already gone through all the previous preparation steps and are pleased with your own mask, you can then submit your request and send it through the IOS MaskID app directly to Neutrogena. Your face mask will be delivered asap. 

What concerns the price, there is no common price tag for every Neutrogena mask. The price will depend on what ingredients you chose and for what facial zones. Also, with the flow of the time you may want to make some changes in your mask formula because of, for example, cold winter coming. You can make any changes you want with your mask and then send a new request to Neutrogena and get the best-ever face mask for each season of the year!    

In the first quarter of 2020 Neutrogena’s 3D-printed personalised mask will be launched in Asia starting with China.Undoubtedly, there has recently been a real boom in beauty tech industry. 3D printed face masks introduced by Neutrogena is truly a next-level product which will inevitably transform the industry into a technologically progressive one. Although the Neutrogena 3D mask is not a new idea, but the company has definitely taken the creating a face mask concept to a much higher technological level. Neurtogena is the first company in the world which started using bio-printing for producing consumer goods.

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