Pantone 19-4052 Classic Blue – the most trending color for 2020

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The Pantone Color Institute’s is specialized in researching the most trending colors of the season and also advises the company on the choice of color to identify the product from others.  This year, at the beginning of a new decade, they announced some fashionable colors of spring/summer 2020 that are mostly connected with nature and what is more they will be very “comfortable and peaceful”.  From them there is a color that is the main color of the year. This year experts published that the trendiest color is 19-4052 Classic Blue which is associated with calmness and elegance. According to experts from the Institute, Classic Blue gives a person the opportunity to feel very calm and good, as if he is in a shelter. Color depth also allows you to focus on the most important thoughts and avoid unnecessary information. It brings into our life some kind of clarity. Non-aggressive color is really easy to interact with, that is why 19-4052 is going to be the favorite among people in 2020.

This color is planned to be used in different spheres: from fashion on the most famous podiums to graphic design and packages. So let’s find out how it is going to be used in many ways.

Due to the associations with the sky at dusk, Classic Blue is perfect for graphic design. It is especially true for packages as color shows us honesty, trust and reliability which is important for consumers who always look for something what will satisfy their desires. Therefore, it will also become the color that will be widely spread in printing and, of course, 3D-printing.

Conveying a sense of protection, 19-4052 Classic Blue is a good find for home decor. Being a solid foundation for construction, Pantone 19-4052 Classic Blue brings creativity to the interiors. It is easily applied to a wide range of materials, textures. It is a reliable blue color that can direct you in different directions, expressing traditions, moreover, unexpected courage.

Blue food and drinks, including 19-4052 Classic Blue, are rich in anthocyanins. The sense of reliability of these products make them not only a good foundation for the best health, but also this color will make every table the most stylish you have ever thought about.

Pantone Connect is an extremely useful workflow extension for Adobe Creative Cloud, includes five color palette with Classic Blue. These palettes are available for viewing and integration into files in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. Pantone Connect offers designers an easy way to convert any colors into Pantone colors and work with colleagues. So, even today, you can simply download Pantone Connect to start working with Classic Blue.

Other sphere that is absolutely catching for women is cosmetics. For example, using 19-4052 Classic Blue in eye shadows will help them to emphasize the beauty of eyes, nails and hair with a variety of coatings the main shade of which is our discussing color.

And these ways of using the color is not the limit.

For specialists who are into printing we will demonstrate numbers and color coordinates in Pantone matching system. The closest match for Classic Blue is Pantone 2154 C.  In CMYK system the coordinates are 100 65 0 27, in sRGB: 0 70 128, HTML:  004680.

As for Fashion, Home + Interiors (cotton, TCX) they will be CMYK: 100 76 25    0, sRGB: 15 76 129, HTML: 0f4c81.

It remains only to look forward to how this color will show and present itself, which areas will become the most popular. It is possible that it will become printing.

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