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Herma, Europe’s leading company in the packaging technology industry, presented a new PA8 4C print and apply system at FachPack 2019 in Nuremberg, Germany.   

The PA8 4C print and apply system is one of the first systems of a kind. It is used for edge-to-edge full-colour digital printing on white labels. Types of labelling which are accepted by the system include all the top labelling plus L- and C-shape labelling. The label applicator manufactured especially for the Herma new system, was built independently from the whole machine. Precise label application on the relevant packaging is guaranteed. 

Memjet VersaPass technology is developed at Herma so as to provide the customers with the best high-level management of the printing process. There were at least three reasons for the manufacturers to choose Memjet VersaPass technology, according to Ulrich Fischer, Head Product Manager at Herma. First, the outstanding print you get if the technology is used. The reliable Memjet technology can give you the best high-quality full-colour printing. Second, the water-based ink will surely give you the best possible outcome. Third, such a technology is ideally suited for sensitive application, for example, in pharmaceutical and food industry. The FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) is not an exception as well. 

Labels best suited for the use with the Memjet technology include paper or PP films with matt or glossy surface. The technology uses CMYK colour-system which ensures that no matter what the label material is, the accuracy of label application and colour combination will be high. The resolution of the Memjet printing technology is 1600 x 1600 dpi. 

A big plus of the new Herma PA8 4C print and apply system is that it is versatile and can be easily adapted to different packaging dimensions. By default the system is set to print on labels between 90x50x15mm and 150x150x30mm. If required, the sizes can be changed at customer’s press of a button up to 175mm, which is the highest point. Martin Kühl is sure that the label sizes available when using the Herma system together with types of labelling, give the client a feeling of design freedom. Maximum creative freedom is a defining characteristics of the newly exposed print and apply system from Herma company.

The PA8 4C print and apply system’s capacity is up to 15 products per minute.       

A nice feature of the Herma system is that different application versions can be used if needed. Top, around-the-corner and U-labelling application types are available.The new PA8 4C print and apply system is a unique one.  It meets the requirements of market demands, personalisation and high-quality printing. Ulrich Fisher, Herma Head Product Manager, says that when customising small batch sizes files, we always choose between which system of data processing to choose – manual or automated one. With the appearance of the Herma print and apply system, says Fisher, you are left with no choice. You will necessarily choose the advantages and speed and high printing image quality all concentrated in one system – PA8 4C print and apply system.

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