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Since 1971 a leading European textile fair, Heimtextil, has been held annually in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. In 2020 it celebrated its 50th anniversary. Right there people This year people had an opportunity to do it from 7 to 10 January 2020. Heimtextil is the place where you could easily admire innovative materials, technologies in interior textile, trends in interior design, electronics, looking for fashionable patterns, fabrics, new ideas for their business, to make everything to attract as many customers as possible. Among visitors there were retailers, architects, wholesalers, decorators, designers, what is more, a lot of promising newcomers in this industry.

In 2020 there were two main events dedicated to 50th anniversary. The first one was on 8 January. The organizers of Heimtextil invited all their exhibitors, media representatives, selected visitors to celebrate the date.

 During the second one there was presented the history of interior textile design. Also there were a number of interesting lectures, presentations, competitions. The most intriguing of them are:

·        Trend Space was the first port about latest novelties in interior design. Here people watched material and design trends, trendy colors. There was also a trend zone- close to international textile designers, manufacturers of digital printers.

·        Interior.Architecture.Hospitality EXPO was really important for architects, designers in this sphere and so on. There was presented contract-textile furnishing and its latest aesthetic ideas.

·         The Green Village. Here people found out everything about eco-friendly textile produces.

·        The Future Forum was all about innovations in the sphere of a healthy sleep.

·        Interior.Architecture.Hospitality  was like a real tour that helped visitors to underline something very attractive for them, helped to find out favorites.

·        Design Dialogue was held on the second day of the fair. Prominent visitors talked about new products in decorative fabrics sector.

The Heimtextil main 2020/2021 trend named “Where I belong”. In simple words, the whole idea of this trend is all about our identity and how it is important not to look at other people, at your neighbors and so on. 

So there is a list of main trends that are going to be very “hot” in 2020/2021. They are five variants of seeing the whole world and, of course, in Pantone/NCS/RAL colors.

Active Urban is the world of the city dweller with his multitasking, efficiency. It’s a design that is evolved from quality, practicality.  Smooth surfaces and combinations of graphic textures, membranes, nets. Fabrics are also made from recycled materials. The palette has 7 colors including blue and yellow.

Pure Spiritual trend is about ecology, natural materials, biotechnology, plant fibers. In this trend individuality is welcomed. The colors are deep green, neutral earth colors. It is worth saying that this year it was presented a new model of the JP4 Evo printer with a print width of 320 cm. A distinctive feature of the equipment is the possibility of printing on NATURAL fabrics such as cotton, viscose, silk with reactive ink

Multilocal is about our common planet with its Asian, Arabic, African cultures and their influence on textile trends. Ethnic ornaments, hand-finished fabrics or imitation of manually woven fabrics. The palette includes such colors as aqua, dark blue. Generally speaking, those colors that are commonly used in different cultures.

Maximum Glam. People who love drama effect, bright experiments in their home interior will be satisfied. This trend resembles a theater scene. The main here is a mixture of different ideas from digital technology, 3D printing and manual labor. Maximum Glam fabrics include neon fur, lamination fabrics, shiny surfaces. To create theatrical effect 3D-printing is used. The color palette includes neon, ultra violet, pink and so on.

Heritage Lux is a heritage of luxury. Its purpose is to help people to feel like they are in a fairy tale. Heritage Lux fabrics were presented in a tent that similar to oriental ones. The fabrics of this trend are velvet, shiny fabrics, expensive natural compounds, lurex threads, embroidery. The color palette reflects the deep tones of precious stones and shades of gray and pink.

Heimtextil 2021 is going to be held on 12-15 January. In order not to miss such a tremendous event, don’t forget to register in advance.

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