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SAi has recently released a new application which is based on AR (augmented reality). The app is going to make the job of numerous ad companies much easier. SAi VirtualSign will cause big changes in how ads are used, providing a much higher level of advertisement efficiency usage.

The SAi VirtualSign application helps you to see what your advertisement will look like before applying it on a physically existing surface. To do that, a special software program using AR is needed. It can automatically create pictures, ads, signboards and banners which exist only in the world of AR. 

The utility program which is the base of the application, is used mainly with smartphones helping to estimate in advance what a new piece of advertisement will look like in the real world. A big advantage is that customers of SAi Flexi software has the chance to use the app for free. Using SAi VirtualSign, a banner can be put onto the building’s facade or any other surface right in the place where a real banner will be in the future.

The manufacturers say that their product will help companies which are working in the field of exterior advertisement by way of speeding up the process of completing their service tasks, improving service level at the same time and, potentially, increasing productivity as well.

A big plus is that using the above-mentioned app you can easily take a photo of a signboard or a banner which is going to be applied on the wall of a building, quickly save it and send online to the customer. So, the process of exchanging creative ideas will surely get more and more simple in the real world with the help of SAi VirtualSign.

The most important goal was to create an application which would reduce the quantity of tasks an ordinary ad company has to face every single day. With the use of the new SAi VirtualSign application it is now possible to spend less time on researching different projects, rather start carrying them out as soon as possible, thus increasing the amount of work done in the end. The new application can be downloaded using iTunes or Google Play.

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