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MeasureColor is a brand of the new software solution which is suitable for different print types, such as offset, digital, flexo and gravure. The program will give out its best efficiency no matter you work with digital or with flexo printing.

MeasureColor will nicely combine with all the other software programs that you have already installed. By installing it, the print process productivity will be way higher than it has ever been before. Besides, you will deal with an excellent software solution which simultaneously keeps under control process and quality when printing.

The two systems united in MeasureColor, Quality Assurance and Process Control have already proved to be able to maintain and control the printing super high quality process. Quality Assurance and Process Control can ‘communicate’ with each other and, what’s more, they are connected to spectral measurement devices in order to import plenty of data formats, which is quite comfortable for the users. Automatic SVF Importer can import all measured data from Intellitrax S directly to MeasureColor. Doing this, manufacturers allowed customers to choose their favourite device brand, not only in software, but also in hardware. MeasureColor is free from using only one specific device brand.

MeasureColor’s client based architecture is created so as to make every user in a company work with the same datasets, including measurement conditions and color references. A big plus is that you can run the program from any location you like. If you the customer of MeasureColor software, you are free in how to work and what to do.

It also combines lots of different printing functions in just one program. You can use MeasureColor non-stop throughout printing workflow. In case you make sure things like color targets, digital color proofs, ink or substrate behavior and dry back, then closed-loop color control and, finally, post-production quality analysis all work fine, you are due to obtain the best printing outcome. In case the printing process complies to Idealliance G7 specifications, it’s a big opportunity as well. The software program includes a set of special G7 analysis tools for press operators and quality managers.

For customers’ comfort, the program has been translated into multiple languages. MeasureColor software system has been put into production and since that day has shown nice results in its work. The key point which attracts so many customers to buy this software equipment is the fact that MeasureColor is constructed to work in any print conditions and environment. Whatever you print, screen, flexographic, web offset or something else, the newly upgraded software system will be the best printing solution for you.

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