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CADaaS – new 3D design platform for digital manufacturing was exposed by Shapewys, a Dutch company headquartered in New York, and its partner ZVerse, Inc. The aim of the CADaas platform is to simplify user experience in 3D file design.

CADaaS system is based on ZVerse’s artificial intelligence design platform. Manufacturers say their solution will be used not only to create new 3D models, but also will enable customers to optimise of current 3D files. 

Creating any 3D object starts with the 3D file. Creating a new 3D file requires a special skill. The problem is that ODMs (Ordinary Design Manufacturer) reject as many as 40% of job requests from the clients because they don’t have the necessary 3D file. Shapeways and ZVerse has successfully solved this problem by exposing CADaaS.

The new AI-driven platform is a custom-branded portal that integrates with Shapeways business processes. ZVerse has also created a virtual extensive network of 3D designer engineers. If anyone has troubles with creating 3D files, then he can submit a certain request sending their order directly to a ZVerse high-class designer engineer. Customers can easily communicate with the designers via the portal.

Actually, CADaaS is manufactured to combine ZVerse designers and machine (AI) learning system. Using it, a designer will help you create a fully manufacturable 3D file or convert an existing 3D file into another readable format. All this can be done without leaving the Shapeways official website. 

Here are three simple steps to understand how the new 3D design platform CADaaS works:

  1. Ideation – describe your order and say what you want to be done; you will receive a design quote the same day the order is sent and confirmed; 
  2. Design – the path from an idea to a real 3D file will be easy and fast together with CADaaS 3D portal;
  3. Production – as soon as your file is ready, you will be given an instant notification.

The following options are available at customer’s request:

  • 3D CAD Design,
  • 3D Scanning,
  • Reverse Engineering,
  • Functional Parts,
  • Prototyping,
  • Lattice Design,
  • Parametric Modeling,
  • Mesh Modeling;

Using the new 3D design platform CADaaS, you can also get your 3D file optimised or repaired. Shapeways and ZVerse manufacturers offer services that can fix a 3D file. The repair services offered include: 1) 3D file repair, 2) 3D file conversion, 3) 3D scanning repair.  

When it comes to optimising, sometimes even the best 3D designers need help. Through ZVerse’s designer network you can get the best file design outcome possible, including: 1) optimising for material, 2) optimising for CNC and some more. 

Now, new CADaaS 3D design platform for digital manufacturing is able to create anything from architectural models and medical devices to product designs. John Carrington, founder and CEO of ZVerse, is sure that their new platform can successfully ‘bridge the 3D design gap’.CADaas is a 3D design product made by two promising companies. Shapeways ship more than 180,000 3D-printed products per month, ZVerse can handle high project volumes for 3D designs specific to manufacturer’s processes. Their AI-based platform made it possible to create a unique portal where customers can create or transform their 3D files as they wish.

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