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A roll paper full-colour AccurioLabel 230 is a new version of the machine, which uses toner and is designed for printing tags and labels, was exposed by Konica Minolta, the Japanese company specializing in digital label printing, together with its partner Danish company Grafisk Maskinfabrik

The new version AccurioLabel 230 and the old version, Konica Minolta AccurioLabel 190, have a lot traits in common, especially in what they look like. But, the key point is that the upgrade version is adjusted to modern label printing market and shows a higher level of printing efficiency. 

The production of the new AccurioLabel 230 is directly connected to current printing business demand. Lately, there has been a steady rise in popularity of short printing circulation devices. That is, those machines which can produce not that much, but with quite a high speed. If can compare how much time will it take to print 300 sq.m. 4 times in succession using the upgrade version and the old version of the Konica Minolta machine, we’ll soon find out that the new AccurioLabel 230 saves you half the time it used to take to complete that printing task. It is thought that the majority of small printing houses specialising in label printing, find it inconvenient and senseless not to use digital printing when doing most of the label printing jobs. The new Konica Minolta upgrade machine nicely suits digital printing.

The peculiarity of the newly introduced AccurioLabel 230 printing machine is that it is equipped with a special press constructed by Konica Minolta – AccurioPress. It can print with the same high level of efficiency on lots of different materials. Versatility is something that stands it out from other devices of a kind. That is, the new roll paper machine AccurioLabel 230 should be used if installed in small and average size printing houses, which work with printing labels and other forms of packaging. 

Below you can see the advantages of the roll paper full-colour AccurioLabel 230 label printing device which make her so popular on the printing business market.

  • Speed  The maximum printing speed equals to 23,4 m/min. Compared to the previous model, the highest speed rating is increased by 73%. Now, the 23,4 m/min highest possible speed can be used when printing on self-adhesive materials and polymer materials.
  • Productivity The length of material AccurioLabel 230 can print on in non-stop mode, is 1000 metres. Also, at any time it is possible to quickly switch to printing on a different material with a different printing width (250 and 330 cm).
  • ‘Double printing’ This option makes it possible to ‘print the second run’. For instance, using AccurioLabel 230 you can print on a transparent or metallised material, which has already been painted white. This function can be very helpful when one wants to apply secret or personalised information on a material.
  • Short warm-up time and waste reduction A big plus of the newly updated AccurioLabel 230 is that the time it takes the machine to switch from one run to the next one, is heavily reduced. This is because module responsible for image parameters, is able to maintain its working temperature up to 30 minutes.
  • More accurate image combination. AccurioLabel 230 machine is remarkable for its new built-in fabric speed sensor. The sensor helps to reduce the level of wastes.

Khaled Alakhwas, product-manager from Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe claims that the new AccurioLabel 230 was constructed according to clients’ demands. Current and potential clients of this Japanese company, especially those who prefer to work with digital printing, like the device more and more. He adds that the clients were pleasantly surprised by its high productivity, stability and some new technical features which will help find new profitable business directions.

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