Baldwin Vision Systems introduced new print quality technologies at Labelexpo 2019 in Brussels

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Baldwin Vision Systems (BVS) showсased the public a few high-effective technologies at the Labelexpo exhibition this September, including Guardian PQV 100% Print Inspection, Guardian RTM Real-Time Monitoring, Guardian OLP Offline Proofing and Inspection, Graphic-Vision 500 Series Web Viewing Systems.

  1. Guardian PQV 100% Print Inspection is designed to verify print quality every single run. In case the system finds a defect or any other drawback in quality when printing, it automatically eradicates it in just a few seconds. Printing data-connection inspection workflow, which can link even multiple plants, is surely provided, which in practice turns out to be very effective. Automatic setup, job changeover are a few additional enhancements. Guardian PQV 100% Print Inspection, just as the name implies, provides you with truly effective printing process inspection for flexo, label, wide and narrow web applications. 
  2. Guardian RTM Real-Time Monitoring is another promising innovation form Baldwin Vision Systems. This one is going to enable printers to collect information and, using it, compare many different so-called production data ‘archives’. People who are managing the process can put changes as they wish and even make crucial decisions about print quality, finding defects and other problems when printing is on, without stopping the process itself.

Issam Lutfiyya, Director of Global Sales & Marketing in BVS, says that Guardian RTM is a truly unique technology which can combine together working out process management problems and guarding relations with print customers. He concludes, this platform opens the door for a much better functionally developed printing quality system, which has no analogues in the world.

  1. Guardian OLP Offline Proofing and Inspection is generally the same as the previous one, but has its own peculiarities. Guardian OLP can help you when the printing process is about to start, but yet fabric stretching control, pre-press quality control and some more problems should be taken into consideration. This technology will ensure best printing condition of the device and fabric a few seconds before the process starts.
  2. Graphic-Vision 500 Series Web Viewing Systems are a few control systems working together, allowing you to find mis-registration, voids, streaks, defects like these, and avoid them as quickly as possible.

A few more printing defect finding solutions showcased at the show include Guardian LSI and GV-500 Series

New products of Baldwin will enable press managers to monitor changes as they happen, and make highly-informed decisions about print quality, defect management, and even operator-to-operator performance.

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