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SureColor F6370 44-Inch Dye-Sublimation Inkjet Printer was introduced by Epson on 21 August 2019 in California.

The machine itself is a new generation of dye-sublimation printers as its characteristics can surprise you with more advanced latest technologies that were used in the process of F6370’s creation. It was developed within the Epson F-Series Line that includes SureColor F7200 and SureColor F9370.

SureColor F6370 has the PrecisionCore TFP Print Head which provides the printer with some specific features. First of all, due to 720 nozzles per inch it works at a speed of 680 square feet/hour, therefore it can be classified as one of the quickest sublimation printers in this field to put on the market. It effectively prints top-quality images for various spheres and usage such as promotion, textile industry, moreover it can make soft signage and it is not a limit of this machine. The print resolution is 1440 x 720 dpi and, what is more, the printer has a precision dot control for clarity and sharpness. This technique delivers the high standard quality of images what can be achieved by coordinating these three dye technologies:

  • Half Tone Module- helps to reduce graininess;
  • LUT– maintains smooth graduations, color constancy and some other characteristics;
  • Microweave- color uniformity

The machine printing out using Epson UltraChrome DS inks and it has a lot of advantages in comparison with other machines. We can point out that this improved ink formula provides fast drying, vibrant color, sharp contours and intensive black; in total has four colors. F6370 also has ink tanks that hold 1.5 liters per color.  If you take the printer, it comes with the refill packages what reduce the cost and cause less environmental impact, so it can be said that the printer is eco-friendly.  

The innovation uses four types of special Epson dye-sublimation papers:

  • Multi-purpose is great for printing out onto t-shirts, ceramics, etc.
  • Photo is optimized to deliver minimal grain.
  • Textile-Adhesive is made for high-quality fabric
  • Production is a paper for roll application

These papers deliver amazing quality of transferring for productivity and performance.

One more specific feature which customers liked is that the new dye-sublimation printer deals with Epson Edge dashboard – a management easy-to-use system with comfortable interface, displaying current activity and that can warn about errors in advance. The Epson Edge Print software is also equipped with Adobe Postscript 3. It provides the opportunity to monitor projects remotely, to import media settings and so on.

Epson SureColor F6370 is now available at total price $8.495.

To sum up the foregoing, we can say that F6370 is built to make the printing process more productive and fast, saving customers’ time.  This is one of those printers that Epson has now in its F- range and of course, it is not the end and the company will continue to create more and more new innovative apparatus like this.

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