New X7, Xjet, iFlex label printers will be showed by Omet at Labelexpo 2019

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Italian company Omet will use Labelexpo Europe exhibition to expose their three newly-made printers – X7, Xjet, iFlex and  Core Linerless Solution.

XFlex X7, newborn of the iFLEX line, is a new roll flexo-machine with 670 mm web working width. It is used mainly for printing on labels and flexible packaging. X7, according to its constructors, can transform quite complicated printing jobs into simple tasks.

XJet, which attracted people’s attention round the world, is a new hybrid machine combining flexographic and inkjet printing modes. Omet XJet working equipment includes Durst Tau 330 RSC inkjet printing section, Omet X6 flexographic printing section and some other sections used for doing finishing jobs, for example, cold and hot foil stamping, lamination, peel & seal, delam-relam, varnishing and die cutting. Nobody else but the printer itself decides which technology to use, or to use both of them, choosing the most convenient printing combination at every run. It is officially stated that Omet XJet’s capability of simultaneous using of the two technologies or only one of them will surely lead to much better printing jobs. Today XJet is the only label press on the market that can successfully combine DURST Inkjet technology with OMET flexographic units. XJet integrates all the opportunities provided by the two technologies, adapting the product to the changeable printing business market.

The roll paper width used in XJet should not exceed 330 mm. The maximum available printing speed  is 78 m/min. Up to 8 colours can be supported by the machine (the colour scheme is CMYK+W+OVG). The system of saving ink consumption undergone a great change. From now on, you can avoid using too much ink at every single run. The physical resolution goes up to 1200×1200 dpi. Even small print details are sure to be applied with the highest accuracy level possible.

The manufacturers claim that Omet XJet is the only device of a kind that can print a shrink label. The machine will show best high-quality performance in front of the audience at Labelexpo this year.

iFLEX, the small one of the OMET range, is an entry-level eight-colour flexographic print machine equipped with UV-LED dryers. This led to much reduced waste and new Omet dryers that can work perfectly well at quite a high speed. Unlike other entry-level printing machines, time for job changeover is decreased, and general maintenance costs are also lowered.

Core Linerless Solution is another newborn product from Omet company which will be showcased at Labelexpo. It is a name for a project which was worked out by Omet together with  Ritrama and Spilker. With the introduction of the idea, it became easier to apply linerless labels on self-adhesive CLS (Core Linerless Solution) films. This one is purely an innovative solution because CLS without much effort can be modified into single ply Linerless web – you just have to use a specifically designed for this purpose Linerless module.

The film created with the use of the new module has a few noticeable advantages. First, a high stiffness level allows you to print successfully on it all the time long. Second, it also has a much lower thickness level compared to products usually used when printing. Third, the label applied on this kind of material will be quite economical of both web usage and transportation expenses. Another plus is that the film and printed label on it are of a higher environmental pollution resistance level. This Omet product can greatly reduce the impact of environmentally bad CO2 emissions.

It is expected that the newly exposed Core Linerless Solution project will be in a high demand in areas such as food and beverage, home and personal care industries. It is claimed that it will provide a much higher efficiency level, guarantee much lower waste, lower management, transportation and logistics costs.

For more information on these particular printing solutions, come to visit Labelexpo 2019!

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