LabelSaver printer was introduced by OPM Europa for label-less production

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The Dutch company OPM Europa manufactured an inkjet printer LabelSaver, designed for applying full-colour images onto three-dimensional objects.

The appearance of the printer is connected with increased demand in short-run labels. Huge expenses on labelling production made manufacturers think of a cheaper and environmentally friendlier way of applying tags. OPM Europa company found an answer – LabelSaver.

LabelSaver printer device includes 2 key components. The one is a robot software printing technology VersaPass, which should be only ran and then can do everything itself with no hand manual. The other one is an inkjet printing module developed by Memjet company. They have constructed a new TrojanLabel print engine especially for LabelSaver machine. The engine has lots of advantages. High-quality full-colour printing and using only one printing head are the main features of TrojanLabel. Apart from what’s been mentioned, water-base ink will guarantee the best environmental safety of the printing product which has been in high demand in labelling industry.

The printer can be used to work with different materials, such as plastic and metal cans, containers, bottles and many other. With the use of LabelSaver printer it is possible to print full-colour 500 Jerry cans per hour, 360 degrees around. Although the list of objects to be printed on is limited, by the customer’s request the staff will gladly adapt their printing solution to work with any other material.

As the name implies, the manufacturer company considers its latest printing solution as a decision which allows to throw away so popular label applying system. By using LabelSaver printer, you can apply the label information on the object using no real label at all. The company’s staff are sure that using the mentioned marketing method will not only guarantee high speed, lowered printing expenses and high-level environmental friendliness, but also will attract more clients’ attention to such products.

OPM Europa is not the first company which offered to give up using labels in favour of direct digital print. This technology is the future!

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