Domino Digital Printing Solutions will show their products at Labelexpo 2019 in Brussels

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The company Domino Digital Printing Solutions will show a few new machines and technologies at Labelexpo in Brussels, 24-27 of September 2019.

Earlier it was announced that the company will take the opportunity to showcase 445 mm working width K600i inkjet UV-module. The print speed will reach 150 m/min, but the module can print at the speeds of 50 or 70 m/min applying much thinner layers. The physical resolution will go as high as 600×600 dpi. The module will be integrated into the ABG Omega SRI inspection and rewinder machine and will print machine-readable high-resolution codes on the labels. The new module is able to double production speed while reducing hourly operating costs.

During the exhibition, Domino also plans to hold daily 20-minute demonstrations of its N610i inkjet labeling machine as part of Digicon Series 3 roll finishing line designed by AB Graphic International.

The key features of the Digicon Series 3 line include i-Tech WebRev smart return technology and special buffers. In the case of replacing the printed material it allows you  simultaneously to complete the production of one order on the line and to begin processing the next one. The manufacturer promises that each type of label will be processed and ready to be shipped in less than 20 minutes.I-Tech WebRev helps reduce the time it takes to remove material after the printing process is complete, and set the next one. After installing i-tech WebRev system, all this will take no more than 7 minutes. The biggest advantages provided by using the new intelligent system are a small amount of time it takes to fulfill lots of printing tasks plus product cost reduction and, eventually, low-waste output.

N610i inkjet labeling machine uses white ink system that was demonstrated during Labelexpo 2017. The system is an additional tank for white ink where it is constantly mixed. It helps to avoid nozzle blocking situations leading to unplanned downtime and increased maintenance costs.

Today Domino N610i is the only digital inkjet machine on the market which works successfully with shrink films. It uses 7 colours for printing, including traditional CMYK, opaque white, orange and purple colours which help to reproduce up to 92% of Pantone colour coverage. Applying opaque white colour gives a nice opportunity of printing on transparent and metallised materials.

It prints on roll material with the width of 200-340 mm. The maximum speed available is 75 m/min. The physical resolution is 600×600 dpi with the use of Piezo Drop on Demand – a special high-resolution inkjet piezo printing technology. There are a few modes available, but the one with the best quality output is a high-quality mode, using which you can use out 3000 m or 1000 sqm of material per hour at the speed of 50 m/min. Domino N610i uses bright UV-ink designed for working with a wide range of materials, such as self-adhesive paper, polypropylene and polyethylene. The size of the machine itself is 5614x1925x1735 mm. The weight of the printing section is 1500 kg. Material cleaning, alignment module, antistatic processing device, cooling shaft and a few more auxiliary systems are also provided for customers.

Apart from K600i and Domino N610i, the manufacturers use Labelexpo exhibition to show ABG Digicon Series 3 – special equipment aimed at flexible and cardboard packaging production. The options available for the customers are versatile, including:

  • Flexographic and screen printing sections;
  • Hot and cold stamping sections;
  • Lacquer section;
  • Various lamination modules;
  • Rotational and semi-rotational cutting sections:
  • Sections of longitudinal and transverse cutting;
  • A few types of dryers;
  • Laser cutting section;
  • Web alignment systems;
  • Web tension and register control systems;
  • Semi-automatic roll change devices;
  • Sheet cutting section;
  • Antistatic systems and some others.

If you want to see everything for yourself, welcome at Labelexpo 2019 in September!

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