New Kumovis R1: 3D printer for medical and industrial purposes

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At the beginning of August 2019 German company Kumovis released their debut machine called Kumovis R1. Kumovis is a manufacturer which exactly specializes in developing 3D printers for the healthcare industry. Their system is created to fabricate a huge variety of products including human implants, medical devices and so on.

The new Kumovis R1 is based on Fused Layer Manufacturing and can print using a wide range of thermoplastic ranging from PLA to PEEK. Such plastics can be processed saving time, money, and without causing much damage to the environment. It works with a built-in temperature management mechanism that allows heating the build chamber up to 250° C.  This is necessary to design patient’s adaptive individual implants what in turn will help to expedite their healing and rehabilitation. Kumovis R1 has an integrated “cleaning room”, the main idea of which is to prevent the whole process from entering foreign particles that can potentially cause some errors and defects in 3D-printed production. It is the most important and, we guess, a key feature for medical technology as it guarantees the high quality, standard and cleanliness of work, therefore presently it makes R1 unique on the market.

In addition, the apparatus is equipped with an operating system which is called Hyperganic Print, made by a German 3D printing software company. The control system mentioned above helps to optimize and organize the creation process and figure out the machine’s interface that is really easy to use; also it provides a higher level of material and parameters control. With the help of such an operating system the printer can generate more complex 3D-printed details and structures.

R1 itself is made to cater for the needs of medicine, but “cleaning rooms”can also be used for research or the production of nano-details. It means that the printer will soon enter the world market and become popular not only in Germany, but all over the world. Three 3D printers are already being used by pilot customers. Kumovis R1 is available for purchase as a subscription model or through direct sales.

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