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JFX200-2513 EX  is a new improved version of Mimaki JFX200-2513 inkjet printer was exposed at European FESPA 2019 in Munich.

Mimaki company have recently got a lot of messages informing that the usage of their old printers is quite time-consuming. For example, when embossed printing was used, you had to stop the machine every time when the thickness of the applied image should be changed. The new Mimaki application, RasterLink6Plus, has been installed to solve the problem and is ready to make the printing process much easier. The new technology was originally aimed at using in Mimaki 3D printing, but later was expanded to use in some other areas, like inkjet printing. RasterLink6Olus software helps to decrease the amount of time used for creating numerous Photoshop files. The new technology requires just a few seconds to complete the task.

An increased number of printing heads and introducing new printing mode are new aspects of JFX200-2513 EX inkjet printer. Compared to previous models, the new machine is faster in all printing modes available for this device. The maximum speed in the fastest mode, newly announced draft mode, is 35 sqm/h. You can find out more right below:  

JFX200-2513 version – 12,5 sqm/h – Hi-Speed, 4C + Spot Color, 300x450dpi, 12P, Bi, Nor;

JFX200-2513EX version – 25 sqm/h – Hi-Speed, 4C/4C + Spot Color, 300x450dpi, 6P, Bi, Nor;

An additional printing head is designed for special purposes, such as using varnish or white colour. The printer uses CMYK colour scheme plus white colour provided by an extra printhead. General characteristics of the colours and ink used are also here:

CMYK+White+Clear (ink LUS-120),

CMYK+Lc+Lm+White (ink LUS-150),

CMYK+Lc+Lm+White+Clear (ink LUS-350 – will be available in the second half of 2019),

CMYK+Lc+Lm+White+Clear (ink LH-100 – will be presented later).

One more influential modification of the newly exposed at FESPA Mimaki UV inkjet printer is that it is equipped with a unique 2.5D Texture Maker technology. It made possible to create semi-stereoscopic 2.5D printing effect by way of applying several layers of transparent ink (such layers are called stepped layers). Now you can create gradient ink layers. Products of such print can be demanded in areas such as interior graphics, embossed signs technology etc.

    New JFX200-2513EX UV inkjet printer model is equipped with LED UV drying, which gives you the opportunity to use the machine for printing on heat-sensitive and easy-stretching materials.

The list of materials JFX200-2513 EX printer model can print on is quite varied, there you can find cardboard, acrylic, wood and even metal. The size of the material being used cannot exceed 2,500 mm x 1,300 mm large and 50 mm thick. The maximum physical resolution available is 1200 dpi.

Quite unexpectedly, a new vacuum-cleaning foot switch technology has also been installed to ensure the best usage of the printer. When customer’s hands are busy and he can’t use them, then he can manage different printing processes, such as the tension of the material, simply using his foot. Besides, high-effective ethernet connection is supported. Another feature, the so-called safety curtain system, will ensure the technical safety of the printing process.

Apart from what has already been mentioned, Mimaki manufacturers propose a few more additional interface technologies, such as Mimaki Core Technologies, Nozzle Check Unit and Nozzle Recovery Systems. The first one is installed to reduce risks that can lower printing production quality. The last two automatically detect missing nozzles and provide recovery.

The new printer usage areas include POS-materials, interior and street advertising, interior décor and many more.

Available to be purchased since May, JFX200-2513 EX large flatbed UV inkjet printer is still an entry-level model, combining high value added and high-production printing. Mimaki company have never created such a fast and easy-use printer!

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