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A new version of Monti Antonio calender, Hot Melt mod.920, was exposed at ITMA 2019 exhibition in Barcelona.

Monti Antonio calender press is aimed specifically at the companies, which deal with fabric duplication, creating textile material with peculiar membrane properties.

The versatile calender machine was manufactured for bonding/laminating/full-coating of a large range of substrates. With new Monti Antonio device, polymer melts by using a special fuser, then it gets applied to the fabric.

New Hot Melt mod.920 has a lower speed compared to previous versions (mod. 908, 913, 914). Equipped with motors, the machine speeds up to 30 m/min. The total weight amounts to 3,5 t. The size of the calender press is 3610x2185mm. Heating drum width is 2000 mm, whereas working width of the new Monti Antonio is 1800 mm. The diameter of the heating drum equals to 235 mm. Installed power of the complete machine is 23,5 Kw, whereas average working consumption is 15,5 Kw/h. Compressed air pressure ranges from 4 to 8 Bar.

The new Monti Antonio mod.920 calender version delivery includes central machine body (ergonomic solid structure composed of iron shoulders) and a special control machine, where additional devices are installed, such as:

  • engraved cylinder (chrome plated appliance used for polymers distribution; the working temperature goes up to 230 °C);
  • pressing cylinder for engraved cylinder (silicon coated pressing cylinder with the diameter of 255 mm which provides the best physical contact with the engraved cylinder);
  • pressing cylinder (one more chrome-plated coating cylinder);
  • upper material entry (this is part of tension control system which supports the best strain of elastic fabrics);
  • membrane / lower material breaked entry (pneumatic shaft for unwinding the material, controlled by a dancing roller to guarantee precise tension control);
  • opening roller with elastic cords (motorized roller used to spread out materials and exclude creases, thanks to its motorisation the roller can also be used for controlling material tension);
  • fuser (drum melter for fusing chemically active polymers with the capacity of around 50/60 Kg/h);

All movements of the new Monti Antonio calender heat press are supplied by means of asynchronous, ventilated motors which transmit each movement to the roller. Besides, a special electronic control panel is installed in order to keep the process of calendering under control.

Apart from that, a few more appliances for a better use of the device may be delivered at customer’s request. These are:

  • chiller unit for silicon coated cylinder
  • chiller unit for pressing cylinder
  • additional engraved cylinder
  • pressing group (silicon coated cylinder suitable for cooling)

Monti Antonio company makes a special offer for those who are willing to purchase new Monti Antonio Hot Melt mod.920 calender at once. The starting price is 165,000€. Delivery to the office, starting the equipment by a professional from Monti Antonio and a short guidance of the device are also included in the price.

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