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At the beginning of August 2019 MakerBot, a leader among 3d printing companies, announced their new version of a desktop 3D printer called Method X which is optimized to print out with the help of  “true” ABS material (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene). 

Method X was released as a workstation. That means the novelty combines the features both of a desktop printer and a printer for manufacturing purposes. It is equipped with a build chamber that can be heated up to 100 °C and SR-30 soluble supports what is not standard for other 3D printers.  Based on this it should be said that the innovation produces complex objects accurately, moreover, it makes them strong and durable. Engineers can print parts with a dimensional accuracy of ±0.2mm. The Method X’s build area is 7.75 by 7.5 by 7.5 inches.

According to MakerBot, ABS is a polymer that is similar to foundry plastics without plasticizers, which reduce deformation and cracking. The absence of additives means an improvement in creating process characteristics: an increase in the threshold of thermal deformation by 15 ° C, an increase in rigidity by 26%, and strength by 12%. The advantage of this printer is that the chamber is heated to 100°C what is significant as ABS printed objects will be cracked or warped when the temperature is lower. MakerBot also points out that its material is made to create a wide range of goods including manufacturing tools, functional prototypes, robot end-effectors and other components. The quality of printing is really impressive.

The Method X is a 3D printer that uses Stratasys SR-30 support material which allows users to print more differently, but it can also be used with other filaments including TOUGH, PVA, PETG, of course ABS, and so on. The machine has double extruders that let to print out an object using two materials simultaneously. They also deliver geometric freedom for the most complex parts. The thermal core in the extruders is 50 % longer than a typical hot end which accelerates extrusion. In this case, the printing speed is increased by 2 times what is much faster in comparison with other leading desktop printers. What is more, the apparatus itself has 21 onboard sensors that help users to monitor comfortably, to develop projects and make them more advanced and complex.

Deliveries of 3D printers MakerBot Method X have already begun as the company was planning to start shipping at the end of August 2019 .The total price starts at about $4.999. Additional information is available on the official website of the manufacturer.

 Based on the foregoing, we can definitely say that it is worth buying such a printer, because the quality and the price are consistent. This printer is suitable not only for professional users, but also for those who want to try their hand in this direction. This is possible due to the simplicity of the interface.

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