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Brett Martin have expanded their Foamalux plastic sheet line series with a few printing products, one of them is Foamalux Caliber PVC sheet. A special Formula-1 racing car model was constructed to show the new product’s qualities.

Brett Martin introduced the newly-manufactured Foamalux Caliber at FESPA 2019 in Munich. They came up with the printing solution adding it to the world-famous line of PVC substrates designed for digital, business and signage UV printing. Being also used in screen printing and advertising industry, all the options provided by the manufacturers are proved to be environmentally friendly. 

Like previous products, Foamalux Calibre is made of PVC but has a few specifications which attracted so much attention. The aim was to create the best product with a hard surface, though making it as flat and light as possible. Foamalux sheet has an extremely important ability to resist to external scratches and knocks. Being strong, solid and easy to use, with a light core inside and a smooth finish outside, the new product is a perfect choice for a wide range of printing applications. Versatility is one of its biggest pluses. The new foam PVC sheet is easy to cut and mill, plus it ensures a long-lasting printing effect.

The smoothness and flatness provides a reliable high-performance surface suitable for managing different printing processes. What’s more important, the external side provides the best adhesion which allows you to use it with self-adhesive films. The size of the newly-exposed Foamalux Calibre sheet is 1220mm x 3050mm. The thickness can be picked at customer’s request – 10mm, 19mm, 24 mm or 30mm. The thickness of the plastic sheet is controlled by a special calibration plate, which ensures the highest flatness level possible for this kind of material.

Because of this, using new Foamalux caliber plastic sheet will guarantee good definition of the applied image. This trait makes newly-upgraded Foamalux plastic sheet line create a strongly competitive printing material market. Brett Martin sales staff hope their new product will pose as an alternative to other foam substrates and aluminium composites.

The Foamalux printing product collection also includes Foamalux White, Foamalux Colour, Foamalux Ultra and Foamalux Xtra.

Foamalux White is a very special solution from Brett Martin. A purely clean surface makes sure you get the brightest print finish possible. The resolution of the Foamalux White colour sheet ranges from 1 to 24 mm. Colour reproduction is set up to a high level. Superb output quality is guaranteed.

Foamalux Colour is a palette which includes as many as 15 colours. The power and depth of the colours offered combines with a nicely smooth surface. Foamalux Colour sheets weight is not very high, being as light as half the weight of solid sheet. It suits applying vinyl graphics perfectly. A big plus is that an extra exceptional surface is manufactured for screen printing.

Foamalux Ultra has a high level of brightness. This one is a strong foam PVC sheet with a high gloss quality finish. Foamalux White is available in white plus 6 other intense colours, including red, yellow, green, blue, grey and black. The sheet is as heavy as half the weight of acrylic sheet. Like Foamalux Colour, applying vinyl graphics is a good option as well. The Foamalux Ultra is also suitable for digital printing. Finally, it is easily fabricated for 3D displays.

Foamalux Xtra consists of a black inner layer coated with one or two white PVC layers. Containing up to 80% recycled content, Foamalux Xtra is the environmentally friendly sign and display solution. The sheet is hard and resilient. It is remarkable for its perfect vinyl adhesion. Foamalux Xtra thickness can range from 3 to 19 mm.

 Finally, the above-mentioned leader Brett Martin company showed high-productive   Marlon FS Polycarbonate, Marpet FS PET (made of polyester) and Marcryl FS Acrylic sheets. The main characteristic of all of them is durability and firm surface which gives the advantage of a clearer printing image.

Foamalux is currently one of the world-leading brands of foam PVC sheet. Brett Martin company has earned a very good reputation among customers from all corners of the world for its continuous quality upgrade.

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