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MS Printing Solutions exposed MS JP4 Evolution sublimation printer at FESPA 2019 Global Print Expo 2019,  Munich, Germany in May. Two rival companies in the field of printing business, HP and MS Printing Solutions, showed their new models. We’ve already mentioned HP Stitch S1000, it’s time we announced MS JP4 Evolution.

Technically, MS JP4 devices can print on either paper or textile (the material being printed on is varied for different versions of printers). JP4 Textile Version is aimed to work not only with synthetic fabric, but also with natural fabric. What’s important, all the MS Textile Printers’ printheads are single-channel. Two-channel printheads are more expensive. Plus using of single-channel heads gives the best possible printer settings for any consumables.

Some time ago, MS JP4 textile printer with a working width of 180 cm was introduced. If wanted, a 260 cm working width model can also be offered. MS JP4 Evo 1800 Textile Version has 4 Kyocera printing heads (this type of printheads has been in use since March, 2018). It can use 4 colours only. Its drop size ranges from 4 to 72 pl, and physical resolution is 600×600 dpi, which is exactly the same as MS JP4 Evo 3200 with a working width of 320 cm. The latter was introduced for the first time at FESPA 2019.

Here printing Kyocera heads are doubled comparing to JP4 1800 Textile Version. The number of colours used when printing is also twice as many. Besides, it’s possible to use spot and fluorescent dyes. The number of grey level is equal to 16. The maximum printing speed  is up to 400 sqm/h (comparing to 155 sqm/h of JP4 1800 Textile Version). With such a high speed, MS JP4 3200 sublimation printer is the fastest one of a kind. It’s much faster than all the previous versions (for example, the maximum speed of MS JP3 Paper Version is 125 sqm/h). Therefore, the fact that the price tag reaches 300,000 €, or nearly 340,000 $ is not surprising at all.

According to the manufacturers, the most important features of the MS JP4 Evo Textile Printers series are:

  • Open ink system
  • Open software system
  • Embedded remote diagnostic
  • Embedded web server for cost report
  • Local printing queue management system.

It used to be a problem to print on thin fabric, because it was wrinkled all the time so that the printing quality was lower than expected. In order to solve the problem new MS JP4 printers have been equipped with three sensors each which control the strain of the textile. In case something goes wrong a few special brush shafts automatically smooth out the material. They help to avoid wrinkling, creasing and so on. This way it’s never a problem to print on fabric of any thickness, both thick and thin.

Such innovations as well as the quality of printing and its speed makes us think that MS JP4 Textile Printers will lead the market of printing business in the nearest future.

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