MS Mini Lario – the fastest scanner-type printer in the world was presented at ITMA 2019

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MS manufactures claim that Mini Lario is the fastest scanner-type printer in the world with 64 Kyocera printing heads. There is no similar device which has so many Kyocera-type printheads installed.

Printers of this kind presented by rival companies have 32 printheads at maximum. The carriage is made of duralumin and is designed for 64 seats. Unlike rivals, MS Mini Lario’s carriage has the horizontal suspension. The working width of the newly announced printer is varied from 180 to 320 cm. The physical resolution of the machine goes up to 600 x 600 dpi. The minimal drop size is 4 pl, the maximum is 72 pl. 

MS Mini Lario can print in 8 colours in total (it uses double CMYK scheme). The maximum printing speed available is 18,2 m/min, but in production quality mode is only 11,2 m/min. The number of grey level is 16.

Like similar models such as MS JP 4 Fabric, MS JP 7, Mini Lario’s features are the following:

  • Open ink system
  • Open software system
  • Embedded remote diagnostic
  • Embedded web server for cost report
  • Local printing queue management system.

Among other scanner-type printers, MS Mini Lario stands out not least because MS producers equipped the machine with a few nice features which make the usage of the printer much more comfortable. If purchasing the gadget, you will also get a few small devices which make the process of delivering and receiving fabric much more simple. Also, a few sensors are installed in order to control the location of textile, plus they control the fabric being strained. The printer is equipped with a 21-inch touch control panel. It helps you to quickly change the sequence of tasks being done at the moment, or just simply mange different printing processes. When you do this, the machine doesn’t slow down! Finally, MS Mini Lario is also equipped with printheads cleaning system with polymer wipers which proved to be very effecient.

Mini Lario textile printer model was demonstrated in Barcelona during ITMA 2019, the world’s largest international textile and garment technology exhibition.

Unfortunately, MS Printing Solutions have not yet published any information on the printer’s price. It is known while ITMA 2019  exhibition was being held, 9 Mini Larios were sold to private buyers.

The demand for high-speed fabric printers is considerable. MS staff are sure their new scanner-like textile printer model will find a very quick sale in the nearest future.

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