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Epson SC F-9300 undoubtedly became the flagship of the third Epson sublimation printer line. The appearance of the printer is connected with the requirements of clients, whose demand for high-productive printer being used 24/7 was not satisfied by the previous versions of Epson printers at all (preceding models were not manufactured to use for industrial purposes, and couldn’t work non-stop for a long time either). All these problems were solved very quickly by way of exposing a new SC F-9300 model.

The latter version has a much heavier frame (compared to the previous ones), which help to minimise the vibration of the machine and exclude printing defects. The total weight is 290 kg. It can only print on sublimation roll paper with the width of no more than 1626 mm. A big plus is that the device can print not only on Epson sublimation paper, but also of other manufacturers. SC F-9300 printer is equipped with two inkjet Epson PrecisionCore TFP printheads. A special protective plate is embedded in each of them. Such plates are used to prevent printheads from mechanical damage. The minimal drop size is 4 pl. The physical resolution in production quality mode is 360х720 dpi, but with much lower speed it can reach 1440х720 dpi. Apart from 4-component colour scheme known as CMYK, SC F-9300 printer also uses Epson UltraChrome DS sublimation ink for printing. The manufacturers assure that the combination of CMYK colours together with Epson UltraChrome DS ink will provide the greatest possible colour coverage for accurate reproduction of designs of any complexity. The size of the Epson SC F-9300 sublimation printer is 2620х1147х1332 mm.

When it comes to price, the printer is also not as expensive as expected. The mentioned in previous article MS JP4 Textile 3200 version is not only faster, but more expensive as well – its price tag shows the sum of around 340,000$, whereas the price of SC F-9300 is around 32,000$. Compared to the cost of the previous Epson SC F-9200 printer version, the price of the newly exposed model is reduced by 8%.

In spite of all the positive sides of the printer, there are a few drawbacks. Its printing speed is unexpectedly not that high compared to other printers of a kind. In production quality mode the speed reaches 60 sqm/h. The maximum speed is as high as 108,6 sqm/h. The speed of printing in maximum quality mode is equal to 13,3 sqm/h. For example, newly announced at FESPA 2019 MS Printing Solutions JP4 Fabric 3200 cm working width printer reaches speeds of over 400 sqm/h.

The most promising field for SC F-9300 is printing sports clothes, fashion clothes and uniform for various services. The machine will be quite efficient in printing home and advertising textile as well.

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