Cadbury presented the world’s first Dairy Milk 3D Printer

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British company Cadbury which specialises in confectionery production introduced the first 3D printer on World’s Chocolate Day, July 7th.

Cadbury, together with another two brands in the world of confectionery, Milka and Côte d’Or, has been constructing their 3D printer with the help of Dutch research organisation TNO for the last four years. The organisation has done much research in the fields of using various chocolate materials, developing different chocolate designs, making the brand and the printer itself commercially known around the world. The most difficult issue was around the time of printing and temperature control (chocolate texture and density are varied at different temperatures). Eventually this problem has been solved out by way of finding a collective decision.

Cadbury staff have not yet announced a piece of information on what the price of the printer is supposed to be. Printer’s specifications is a company’s secret. With regard to the machine itself, it’s certain that it has an ability to create wonderful designs, including letters, shapes and iconic Australian symbols like kangaroos and thongs (according to Cadbury manufacturers).

3D printed chocolate pieces are made layer by layer. Two of them will cost you $8. The price for a set of four will be $15. If you’re more interested in eating chocolate itself, it’s also possible to buy a 100g bar for $2,40. Cadbury manufacturers state that around 200,000 bars were sold in Melbourne on World Chocolate Day. Their chocolate took the third place in the world 3D printed food market, being placed right after 3D printed pasta by Barilla (2018) and 3D printed candy by German confectionery manufacturer Katjes (2015).

Unfortunately the 3D printed chocolate for now is  available for Melbourne dwellers only. Many of them visit the Myer Chadstone department store and have an excellent opportunity of tasting Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate bars. It is very sad to say that the new 3D chocolate printer won’t travel far around the world.  The device has been delivered to Melbourne, Australia and won’t be taken back to the UK until as long as July 28th.

The future of 3D food printing looks very promising. This way food can be ‘cooked’ much faster and potentially with less effort. In 2016, 3D printing was announced to be the future of cooking food, with the technology making great progress in areas such as confectionary and nutrition.

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